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The Power of a Story Well Told

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The Power of a Story Well Told. We all have a story.

It is filled with triumph and tragedy, drama and victory, wounding and healing.

It doesn’t matter if you lived your whole life in your hometown or traveled the world hundreds of times.

Your personal life experience has something to teach others.

No one has the same story.
Your story is unique to you.
And only you can tell your story.

Your story has the chance to stir passion, ignite connection, and impart your wisdom to others.
If you choose to share it, it could make a huge difference in someone’s life.

If you know that there is wisdom inside you and your story, here are the top 3 steps from the FABx Storytelling Formula that you can use to craft your own powerful well-told story that will win over any audience at any time.

1. Claim To Truth

The Power of a Story Well Told My Sanur Magazine

If you want your story to stand out, have it be based on a truth you hold dear.

It’s not necessarily THE truth, but it is YOUR truth, learned through your experience of life.

A good way to think about your claim to truth is to ask yourself, “What is the one thing people need to know about life before I leave this planet?”

Once you identify a truth about life, map back stories in your life that gave you the situations and circumstances that had you realize that truth.

Be bold, and make a claim!

2. Share The Struggle

The Power of a Story Well Told 1 My Sanur Magazine

Being vulnerable about your struggle empowers others to accept their own and gives a feeling of power.

True & empowered vulnerability touches something deep inside the human heart and unlocks a level of attention and connection that is otherwise impossible to reach.

Your mess is your message!

3. Passive vs. Active Voice

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Sweep people out of their seats by putting them INSIDE your story. Use an ‘active voice’ and tell your story as if it’s happening, right NOW!

This will keep people enraptured and fully engaged, hanging on the edge of their seats to hear what happens next.

Start your story with “I am…” instead of “I was…

Use these three steps in crafting your own stories and not only will you get a far more engaged response, but it’ll also make the process of crafting and presenting your story easier and more impactful.

Only You Can Tell Your Story

Now that you have crafted the story that shares your wisdom, it is time to get on the practice field and tell it!

This story is yours to share.

People are waiting to hear what you have learned and to be guided by your wisdom and experiences.

There are many “stages” you can “step onto” to share your story.

A stage can be as small as a post online, sharing during an intimate dinner, joining an online storytelling circle or as big as an online summit, industry event, or highly-produced speaking event.

Storytelling is a skill that everyone can learn.
Once learned your experience of yourself and life changes.

Start taking the steps above to get into the game of self-expression and wisdom sharing.
Craft your story and choose a stage that is right for you to share.

Get into action and see how this impacts your passion, aliveness, connection, and love.

These feelings are what we all are striving for.
And you get these from sharing your story!

Allow your courage to run the show so you and your life is expanded.

The Power of a Story Well Told

The Power of a Story Well Told 2 1 My Sanur Magazine

Article by:
Colleen Schell
Founder of FABx – Storytelling for Coaches and Leaders
Watch storytelling videos here!

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