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The Hidden Temple Pura Dalem Suka Mertha

Pura Dalem Suka Mertha hidden in dense mangrove forest, are sacred temples shrouded in mystery and local lore. The three temples are suspended in time and place, with only birdsong and the sounds of nocturnal animals foraging the forest floor reaching the temples through the still, cool air of the mangrove forest.

According to local belief, the mangrove habitat in Pura Dalem Suka Mertha is more than just forest. For those with the ability to ‘see’, the mangrove forest is in fact an army of supernatural warriors, protecting the treasure that is said to be hidden in the temple.

Pura Dalem Suka Mertha

The lost treasure of the King of Intaran is said to be buried under an immortal cactus in the temple, and villagers journey to the temples to worship the ancient rulers and Gods and pray for wealth.

Pura Dalem Suka Mertha

A prayer for wealth comes at a high price however. Stories are passed down through generations about those who successfully prayed to receive wealth and good fortune, but who had to pay with their bodies, and even their lives. Many people have heard about prayers being answered, only for the pilgrim to be beset with painful stomach ulcers or other conditions, and those visiting the temples to pray are warned that the cost and sacrifice will be high.

For the adventurous, the temples are a relic of the past, with deep connections to local custom and belief, and worth a visit if only for the tranquil beauty of the temples and the forest that protects them.

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