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The Benevolent and The Malevolent Spirits in Bali

The Benevolent and The Malevolent Spirits in Bali

There are many ghost stories associated with Bali, especially considering that the island is home to many Hindu temples, which are believed to attract spirits. According to local folklore, ghosts in Bali are divided into three categories and each have their own personality.

Bhuta Kala: These are the spirits of the earth and are considered to be benevolent. Bali is believed to be inhabited by thousands of Bhuta Kalas, and the locals make offerings to them to ensure their safety and prosperity.

Bhuta Dungulan: These are malevolent spirits associated with witchcraft. They are believed to be responsible for illnesses, bad luck, and other misfortunes that befall people. The Balinese believe that these spirits can be appeased with offerings and rituals.

Bhuta Pasek: These are spirits that are believed to be the result of murder or suicide. They are thought to remain on earth until they are avenged or their death is properly acknowledged with offerings.

One of the most famous “ghost stories” from Bali is related to the village of Taro, where locals have built a temple for a particularly vengeful ghost who is said to haunt the area. The ghost is believed to be the spirit of a woman who was murdered by her husband, and her remains were buried in the area. The villagers believe that if they do not make offerings to the ghost, she will bring misfortune upon them and their families.

Another famous ghost story from Bali revolves around the abandoned complex of Taman Festival Bali. The complex, which was supposed to be a theme park, was never completed due to financial issues. Locals claim that the spirits of workers who died during construction still haunt the area, and visitors have reported hearing strange noises and feeling a presence around them when visiting the abandoned site.

Ghosts and spirits are an important part of Balinese culture and folklore. The Balinese believe that by making offerings and performing rituals, they can appease these spirits and ensure their wellbeing and prosperity.

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