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The Balinese Concept of Charisma and Inner Spirit

In Bali, dancers try to drop their ego and personality as much as possible and completely surrender to the higher being as a form of self- offering. The dancer works to embody the character in their performance, his or her whole being will be transformed into an impressive and bewitching body movement. This powerful movement brings the unseen energy into life and creates dramatic and emotional feelings for the audience, awe and for some spine-tingling goosebumps. This divine energy or charisma is called “taksu”.

According to Basa Bali Wiki, taksu is a spiritual force that allows someone to direct his or her talent toward effective ends and creates positive impacts upon others. As a Hindu concept, taksu can be defined as an inner or a magical power, which provides inspiration for someone in their work or performance, and transforms the artistic endeavour.

Taksu quality is not only attributed to human beings, but also to places, land, professions, the arts, performances, and anything with a perception of inner spirit or energy.

Taksu also often refers to a holy place, a shrine or a temple that is in every Balinese house, where one may ask for God’s grace to be given motivation to be able to carry out one’s duties properly. Balinese belief states that taksu is God’s holy power that can awaken and increase one’s creativity, intelligence, and intellectual ability.

Bali is a small island, known for its magical attraction that is hard to describe and yet experienced by so many. Bali has been declared as one of the most popular and best tourist destinations in the world. While the charms of Bali are obvious to the naked eye, such as rice fields, beaches, architecture, and the arts – there is an invisible magical power that is intense and experienced by many regardless of religion, beliefs, customs, and culture.

The belief in the power of taksu as a spirit, helps the Balinese to carry out their daily tasks with a sense of spirituality in all they do. It is this taksu spirit that gives strength to Hindus and all believers, to maintain the essence of the culture and the beautiful energy that exists in Bali.

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