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Sanur Markets

Every Friday night from 7pm to 9pm, the courtyard at Maison Aurelia plays host to markets, against a backdrop of twinkling fairy lights and fantastic local music. Under the shady trees in the gardens of Naga 8, you will find the Saturday markets from 4pm onwards. Weekend markets in Sanur have always drawn the community together as a relaxing way to finish the week.

The Sanur Market stalls are a mix of high-quality vendors, from fashion and accessories to locally made homewares and furnishings, woven baskets, bags and so much more. It’s a great place to pick up some well-made Bali fashions, quality cotton dresses and jewellery. For tourists, there is a great range of homewares crafted by local artisans to take home, and stalls that showcase the talents of local artists, with paintings, crafts and textiles and a focus on locally made, sustainable and ethically produced goods.

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Many of the stalls are dedicated to socially and environmentally sound practices, and feature recycled and upcycled glass, goods made from plastic and rubber reclaimed from the rubbish, and other items repurposed into useful and beautiful wares.

Spend a relaxed afternoon browsing the Sanur Markets stalls, and settle in for an evening of live music, food and catching up with family and friends. The weekly markets brings locals, expats and tourists together to make the most of the beachside lifestyle that Sanur is famous for.

And a visit to the Sanur Markets means you are supporting the local economy and community, so you can feel good about spending both your time, and money, enjoying everything the Maison Aurelia and Naga 8 markets have to offer.

Sanur Markets
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