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Our Cover Story

Our Cover Story

Our cover story of Issue Two is all about the people of Sanur, the fabric of our community that makes the village our home. We wanted to feature people from all walks of life, people in business, the arts, tradition, and family. And we felt our cover women encompassed all of these aspects.

Many of you will recognise Ibu Made from Tities Warung. A favourite for years on the beachfront Tities Warung is going through a facelift of sorts as the beach warungs and popular family area, are having ‘renovations’. The older warungs are being replaced with new structures and the family areas on the beach are being cleared. Ibu Made and her family are at their warung from early morning until late at night, happy to chat and share stories with visitors from all over the world. Recently Ibu Made has also taken on the role of carer for abandoned puppies, showing her warm heart and generous spirit.
Riska is Ibu Made’s daughter-in-law and right now, she is busy studying at I Gusti Bagus Sugriwa State Hindu University, majoring in Balinese Language Education. When she isn’t busy studying, she has a side job as a freelance make-up artist for weddings, ceremonies, and special events. And then if she has any time left over after caring for her family, her studies and her side job, she loves cooking however her main hobbies are in her words ‘all things make-up’ and socialising in terms of Balinese language and literature.

Our cover story behind the scene

In Our cover story, Ibu Ayu is seen out the front of restaurant Saigon owned by her and her husband Moleh, however more often than not, she is in the kitchen creating delicious Vietnamese dishes. They have raised three sons, with the eldest two studying overseas and young Cadhu, who graced our first issue cover, regularly seen in surfing competitions and making his mark as a young gun in the Sanur surf scene. Ibu Ayu greets every guest with her beautiful smile and remembers everyone who visits Saigon Restaurant.

Chintya is a young woman who enjoys cooking delicious nasi goreng from her Papa’s secret recipes. A music lover of all genres, she often combines her love for cooking with her love for cooking and can be found jamming out to her favourites tunes in the kitchen. She works full time but when she has time off, she spends time with her beloved dogs, she has 7 at home, or watching the latest release at the movies. Chintya has a strong interest in her culture as well as common Balinese activities such as Melasti or making canang sari.

Ibu Wayan and Komang are well-known in Sanur as dedicated animal rescuers and active members of the community. In caring for dumped kittens, ducks with broken wings, baby squirrels, dogs, rabbits and chickens, when Ibu Wayan isn’t working and Komang isn’t at school, all their time is spent with animals. Even during the pandemic, when times were tough, they opened their home and their hearts to creatures who needed help and love.

When we asked our friends if they would consider being on Our cover story, they didn’t hesitate to say yes, amid giggles and bashful smiles. Sanur is a village steeped in culture and tradition so naturally we wanted to pay homage to that in this cover photo, with the women of Sanur in traditional clothing, giving thanks and offering prayer. We thank these busy women for giving up their time to join us for this Our cover story issue.

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