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Dissolving Away Impurities at Pura Dalem Pengembak

Melukat is a Hindu purification ritual in Bali that is performed to cleanse the body and soul from negative energies and impurities. It is believed that if someone has committed sins, mistakes or bad karma, one can be purified by doing melukat. The ritual is usually performed at water sources such as rivers, waterfalls, and holy springs.

Pura Dalem Pengembak in Mertasari is one of the popular melukat destinations in Sanur. The pura itself is known for its tranquil and serene atmosphere, the best place for meditation and spiritual activities like Melukat. The ritual typically starts by making an offering to the gods in the form of banten pejati – a type of banten offered as a symbol of sincerity and truth in carrying out religious activities and ceremonies.

The priest, I Made Ranten, will lead the ceremony and chant mantras to invite the gods and ask for their blessings. The participant will then enter the water and submerge themselves while the priest continues to chant – cleansing them of any negative energies and impurities.

Melukat at Pura Dalem Pengembak is not only a religious experience but also an opportunity to immerse oneself in Balinese culture and spirituality. Melukat can be performed for other various reasons such as to cleanse oneself after a death in the family, after visiting a hospital or cemetery, to remove bad luck or to achieve success in life. It is believed that this ritual helps to balance the spiritual energies and restore the harmony between the individual and the universe.

It is advisable for the participants to keep a spare change of dry clothes as they will need them after rinsing off and drying themselves after the ceremony.

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