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I Gusti Made Oka Sulaksana

Oka Sulaksana is a sailor and windsurfer from Sanur. He is very passionate about sport and takes great pride in representing Indonesia in regional and international competitions. Oka has become a legend in windsurfing all over the world. Though he has declared himself retired from competition, his achievements were phenomenal and so his legend continues.

At the national level, Oka won gold medals four times in a row starting from the National Sports Week (PON) XIII 1993 in Jakarta until the National Sports Week (PON) XX 2021 in Papua.

Oka  achieved the unthinkable by winning a gold medal four times in a row in SEA Games 1993 in Singapore, 1995 in Chiang Mai, 1997 in Jakarta, and 2001 in Kuala Lumpur. The Asian Games were no exception, and he won gold medals in 1998 in Bangkok, and in 2002 in South Korea.

At the International level, Oka was the Indonesian athlete sent to the Olympics most often. He has participated in four Olympic Games; 1996 in Atlanta (rank 11), 2000 in Sydney (rank 13), 2004 in Athens (rank 15), and 2008 in Beijing (rank 27).

Oka’s fondest memory is when he was chosen to be the cauldron igniter at the opening ceremony of The Asian Beach Games 2008, as we know only athletes with significant sporting achievements can be selected as torchbearers. And, only the best of the best are given the honor of lighting the cauldron.

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Like any race, windsurfing competitions require the full speed of athletes to cross the finish line first. It takes strength, good muscle endurance, flexibility, balance, agility, and gear mastery; and it demands a lot of coordination between the athlete, the board, the sail and the wind.

Currently retired, Oka Sulaksana continues his dedication to the sport by being a windsurf coach for the younger generations. The biggest challenge is that, while the wind is free, everything else isn’t. Windsurfing equipment is considered expensive sporting gear by many people because it is imported from overseas. Despite this, Oka uses his experience and coaching skills to teach the younger generation and show them the joy that comes from playing in the great outdoors. 

Bali is one of the worlds leading marine tourism destinations, as it has everything: beautiful beaches with good wind and waves, world class hotels and restaurants, and the opportunity for locals and visitors to learn every water sport they can imagine. Oka Sulaksana works with East Bali Surf & Sail which provides services in water sports and offers all kinds of classes and coaching in the water – and it’s right here in Sanur!

Check out their beach activities right here

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