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AA Ngurah Arya Putra Damar

AA Ngurah Arya Putra Damar is the founder of PT Wismakarma Alam Karya or WAKBALI, a passionate construction company based in Sanur, Bali. Driven by inspirational design ideas and construction quality, Damar achieves the highest level of quality and sets a standard for finishing projects on time by providing highly skilled workers, meeting the requirements, and staying within the budget (always a good thing!) After finishing his architectural study in Udayana University, Damar started his career journey in Singapore working for Robert Greg Shand Architect, and who has become his architect idol ever since. Damar particularly admires Greg’s designs with an emphasis on the integration of the building space and nature, with a vision to create beautiful, unpretentious, and low maintenance sustainable architecture. Damar’s work can be seen in his personal Facebook page featuring Vin+ Bali, Villa Jeremy, Fat Gajah, Villa Ksatria, Puri Agung Pemecutan, and many others.

Villa Ksatria is one of his projects in Sanur, it is an eco-friendly house that uses solar panels to supply power for the entire household, energy-efficient lighting, a water conserving design, attic cooling system, and preservation of the old growth trees around the house. French drains were also designed to prevent ground and surface water from penetrating or damaging building foundations. Landscaping fabric wrapped around the perforated piping allows water to pass through while preventing weeds, dirt and other debris from clogging the holes. The pipe carries the water to a drainage area in the yard.

AA Ngurah Arya Putra Damar

Born in the royal family bloodline of Puri Pemecutan, Damar has down to earth, polite and refined personality, and is easy to work with. As a good Hindu, AA Ngurah Arya Putra Damar believes in karma and for him, reputation is as important as his extensive experience and service. While managing his busy practice, AA Ngurah Arya Putra Damar understands the importance in giving back to the community by welcoming an internship program for students to apply their knowledge within his company. Students are given the chance to watch construction projects evolve, or help the design teams make dreams become realities. His team are happy mentoring undergraduate students who are eager to learn specific skills or gain work experience in a particular field, including civil engineering, sustainable construction, and construction management.

Fb WAK.Bali

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